Look Before You Leap!

Look Before You Leap

Listen, Linda listen.  Before you run off and get all Keto Fab.  I’m gonna need you to do a few thangs.  Really, in all seriousness, take heed of the following:

  1. Know Your Baseline let your primary care provider know that you intend to start a ketogenic meal plan. Most providers are not well versed on the topic and you may have to educate them.   You may even get resistance.  Even so, your goal is to get them to assess where you are with your kidney and liver function, how your body manages glucose, iron levels and a few others.  You will ask them to order a blood test called a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel .  Click on the link to get further details about what is included.
  2. Get Your References – I may have mentioned this before but it is worth mentioning again…and again. There are 2 books that I refer to regularly.   I highly recommend you get these in your repertoire.  They are available in digital, paperback and audio formats.
      • For motivation and mindset you must read Keto Clarity: Your Definitive Guide to the Benefits of a Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet. It couldn’t have been more aptly named, as clarity is truly what I gained from listening to this book.  I prefer the audiobook because it allows me to multitask.  I listen on flights, during my workout, in the car or whenever I need to get refocused on the “WHY”.   There will be many naysayers so you will need to re-ground yourself at times and remember why this meal plan is safe, effective, practical and right for you.    Get it today and listen and read often.

      • For your action plan you must have The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Your Essential Guide to Living the Keto Lifestyle. This book is your action plan.   It has everything you need to put your KetoFab Lifestyle into action; recipes, shopping lists, what to expect…just everything.  We will refer to this text often in the  personal coaching programs.  It has truly been a critical key to my success.

    • Finally, add this website to your Favorites. DietDoctor.com If you are curious and just want to get your feet wet this site has a wealth of information, and most importantly each of the meals in LiveKetoFab’s  “A Week in the KetoFab Life” Challenge will come from this site.  I have tried them all and will be picking out the good stuff for you.  Trust me, my motto is to never put anything in my mouth that is not absolutely delicious.  Otherwise, what’s the point?
  3. Get Your Supplements- vitamin supplements are probably a part of your daily life anyway right? Well if not, now is the time to make it happen.  There are some foods that will rarely be a part of your meal plan so it is critical to supplement to be sure you have adequate vitamin intake for optimal functioning.  You will hear and see all types of recommendations for vitamin, mineral and nutrient supplements on this journey.  Do what is most comfortable for you.  For me, simplicity is the key.  I have incorporated pre-natal vitamins into my daily regimen. My vitamin of choice is the Rainbow Light Prenatal Petite™ Mini-Tab Multivitamin.  I like the complete profile as well as the ease of swallowing the smaller sized tablets. Anyone that has taken pre-natal vitamins can tell appreciate that.  Gigantic capsules and nausea are NOT on my fabulous list.  Choose the vitamin that works for you.   You can order the Rainbow Light vitamin below.

Are you excited yet?  I know I am.   It’s game on going forward.  Be sure to reach out to me with any questions.  I want to hear from you.   Share with your thoughts and experience with the LiveKetoFab community at the end of the “A Week in the KetoFab Life” challenge.

Let the countdown begin.  Follow LiveKetoFab on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the kickoff date.


Nikki P.

Get your Mind Right!

IMG_0938Yes I said it! Get your mind right. What I mean by that is… open your mind to a new way of doing things. The ketogenic (Keto) lifestyle is the antithesis of everything you have been taught about what to eat and why. It flies in the face of what most would call eating “healthy”.
The irony is that Keto utilizes your body’s natural metabolic pathway to break down food and provide the energy you need to live. After all isn’t this why we eat? Okay it’s not the only reason. I have to admit that I also eat for deliciousness and satisfaction, mixed with a little euphoria…but I digress.

Before you get started there is some essential reading you need to complete. It’s short and straight to the point. There is no need to be intimidated. Start here-Intro 2 Keto and follow that up with Metabolism Basics 

Now Let’s Go!

Step 1-Know what you are eating

An intake tracker is mandatory if you want to be successful long term. I use My Fitness Pal Be sure and install the mobile app on your phone. It allows you to enter foods and check your macros anytime and anyplace! For the next 24-48 hours, follow your normal eating patterns, don’t change anything just do you. Enter EVERY single thing you put in your face into the app (your body does and acts accordingly. You should too!)

We will walk through the results together during our first call if opt for Keto coaching or you can just follow along on the blog. If you already track we are ahead of the game.

Step 2-Housekeeping

Take a look in your refrigerator and cabinets to see what saboteurs may be lurking. You will find many. I donated the items in the pic below to our local food bank. Look at is as chance to help others while helping yourself. Review the list of foods to avoid and get them out of there.


Foods to Avoid:

Rice, potatoes, cereal, bread

Fruit, beans, corn, legumes, peas

Candy, sugar, non-diet soda, fruit juices, cakes, pies, pastries

Milk, margarine,

Beer and mixed drinks

Got that? I look forward to your success. Let me know if you have any questions thus far!

up next…

foods to eat, 2week Keto Kick-off meal plan, shopping list and other tips!





She DID that! Down 45 at 45


Dang, did I just say 45?  Twice?  I’m talking pounds and years though.  No other nonsense…

Unofficial disclaimer; Sophistiratchet is the vibe. Deal with it!  No but really, I started the Keto lifestyle on May 1, 2017 at 205 lbs, a weight I had been hovering around  since before I got married in 2016.  Check me out in all of by big girl fabulousness.

From that point on I was minding my business, eating all of the eggs, cheese, bacon and hollandaise sauce I could handle (not all at once…well sometimes). No one seemed to notice anything different, not even me.  I just knew that it all made sense; this wasn’t that hard.  It’s just basically eliminating most carbohydrates.  I certainly wasn’t starving and pretty much everything I ate was DEE-licious, something I already included in my meal-plan (a term I use loosely to describe my pre-Keto eating) AND was somewhat convenient.  I have a full schedule, and there is nothing worse than being out at a corporate event and breaking out your little plastic container and your homemade salad dressing.  What a joy to know I could just eat the dry steak and throw some butter on it, along with the salad, minus the stale croutons, with plenty of ranch dressing.  Even a vodka Martini was fair game.

Fast forward to my 45th birthday trip to Essence  (The Essence Festival) with my BFF Nicole in June.


I posted a few pics and came home a celebrity.   Okay, in my mind I was a celebrity.  I got so much positive feedback from friends and family regarding my weight loss that I was like, whoa.  I damn sure felt great, energy for days.  I had even started wogging around mid-June after about a year hiatus from working out.

If you saw the “About Me” tab of the page, you know I was down for the count for the second half of 2016.  I had spent the first half prepping for my wedding and eating to my heart’s content.  I was pleasantly fluffy on my wedding day in June 2016.  What a difference a year makes.

Anywho, I decided to do some before and after joints, April-October-November 2017, you know to see what all of the hype was about.  I have to say the difference is/was truly dramatic.  I’m right at 160 lbs., sometimes a little under.  Now by some standards that’s still overweight. But given that my goal was 169 lbs, and I feel extremely comfortable where I am, I’m just gonna chill right here and maintain.

Friends, co-workers, sorority sisters, acquaintances, you name it were asking…”how did you do it”? When I started explaining I was surprised to find out that very few people had even heard of ketogenics, so never mind understanding how it works or considering it as a lifestyle.   My results have been so positive, so in-line with my life, so satisfying, just more than I thought possible, that I felt remiss in not sharing what I have learned with others; with each and every one of you.  I want to thank everyone so much for all the well wishes, compliments and words of encouragement.  It is my turn to pay it forward.  Oh, and thanks to the naysayers, haters because you always have a role to play.

Listen, if you want to know more about Keto, how you can achieve the results you want and still live the life you love, I will GIVE you all of the tools you need.  Subscribe to LKF.  I’ll be sharing pretty much every aspect of my life and how my new way of eating just slides right in.   There are not many reasons why you couldn’t do the same.

I’ll share recipe reviews and original recipes.  You can join me at virtually at parties, restaurants, bars or any place or opportunity there may be to eat, I will show you how I manage it keto style. Any questions so far?  Don’t be shy just ask.  I look forward to you walking or wogging with me on this journey. Let’s get it.  Live Keto Fab!