Welcome to Live Keto Fab!  It’s one stop shop for implementing and maintaining a Keto Fab life.  You will learn all about the ketogenic lifestyle, including the benefits, special concerns, nutrition and metabolism.  What you will find are meal, snack and drink options for every occasion and situation that are delicious and satisfying (and if they aren’t delicious or satisfying I’ll tell you that too!).

Through the Keto Kick-Off and Keto for Life coaching plans, you will receive additional support and resources and personalized plans to make your keto journey a success.

Live Keto Fab Vision

To build a community of women fully engaging in every aspect of their lives while:

  • Maintaining optimal weight and health
  • Avoiding the angst an unsatisfying dietary regimen

Live Keto Fab Mission:

To by the year 2020:

  • Inspire 1000 people to adopt a ketogenic lifestyle AND;
  • Reach their weight-loss goals AND;
  • Share their results with the Live Keto Fab Community


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