About Me

Hey, there and welcome to Live Keto Fab with Nikki P! I’m Nikki, a 40 something 😉 newlywed with a corporate career that takes me all around the world, leadership positions in my service organization, active civic and social advocacy roles in my community and a diverse and fun loving social circle.  Needless to say time and convenience are precious to me (and probably you too).

I am constantly on a mission to be the best version of myself mentally, spiritually and physically.  My weight management journey has been a long one with many ups and downs, but when I discovered and immersed myself in the ketogenic lifestyle, I knew that I had reached my final destination.

After a challenging 2016, and being my heaviest in over 15 years I was ready for a change.  On a business trip in April of 2017 two physician researchers on my team introduced me to Keto and how their conversion to this lifestyle liberated them from traditional ideas about weight, nutrition and metabolism. It allowed them to reach what they termed their pinnacle of health and wellness including high energy levels, optimal weight and markers of health and empowerment to make their food choices work for them instead of vice versa.

Baby I came home on April 20, 2017, began my research and due diligence, and jumped head first into what I now call my Keto Fab Life .

On August 6, 2017 I reached my target weight.  I had lost 36 lbs. in 3 months, without missing a beat in the rest of the important areas of my life.  I attended parties, had dinners out, and cooked at home when I was so inclined and time permitted. I even regularly enjoy my favorite cocktail.  I was feeling so good that I even started getting my workout on.

Do you have challenges like mine? If so,  there is no time like now to make that move.

The mission is to have you join me on this journey and share it with the world.  Cheers to a Keto Fab Life!



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